What we value?

BETEC INC Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in providing plastic packaging products and plastic bottles with a modern machinery system and a team of employees with many years of experience.

BETEC INC Co., Ltd. has been a supplier of virgin plastic products serving a variety of chemical – food and packaging industries for market needs in the US.

Although it has only appeared on the US market since the beginning of 2023, BETEC INC Co., Ltd. is constantly innovating, improving machinery systems, applying advanced technology and improving production qualifications, to always meet the needs of customers. meet customers’ strict requirements in terms of design and product quality.

Our Company always maintains the criteria of providing only the best products, putting quality first, taking reputation as a support, contribution as a goal to strive for and the trust of customers as the foundation. develop.

Constantly meeting market and consumer needs, we always launch new products such as recycled plastic bottles and shrink films, meeting standards to bring the best satisfaction to customers.

We wish to provide all products to customers in the entire US market and around the world
Please contact us to be provided with the best products, best quality, best prices.

Our core value

Our core value embodies integrity, excellence, and accountability, guiding our collective pursuit of innovation and community prosperity.



Building foundation for the business, prestige as competitive factors. Given our commitment to excellent customer service.



Focuses on creativity, learning incessantly, technology transfer, and improving the quality of service.



Invest in high-technology machinery and equipment to meet the requirements of customers.



Employees can be your strongest asset, energetically friendly working environment, equity, and high social welfare.

Green Packaging

Currently, manufacturers are competing with each other to produce green packaging. Packaging is a very important part of marketing these days, but is largely a threat to the environment for two reasons. The production of these types of packaging uses a huge amount of energy and paper, packaging, etc. are often very difficult to destroy when they become waste.

Most people in every country are aware of the harmful effects that modern life is having on the environment, and many people are concerned about preserving the environment for future generations. Therefore, both politicians and scientists are looking at energy saving and waste disposal issues from a more environmentally friendly perspective.

When it comes to packaging, the main issue is whether they are recyclable or biodegradable. For example, instead of throwing away newspapers and water bottles with household waste, people in many countries are being encouraged to put them in special containers to allow for recycling. Some household waste such as vegetable peels can biodegrade in nature and slowly decompose until they disappear.

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